Make Your House Stand Out In The Crowd

Helpful Home Staging Tips for Putting Your Home on the Market

If you’re trying to sell your home, you may have heard about “staging.” Staging is the process of readying your home for prospective buyers. In this YouTube video, viewers learn simple, inexpensive ways to stage their homes.

Experienced home stagers typically encourage homeowners to make the most significant staging efforts in the kitchen, since the kitchen is usually the most important room for buyers. Their most frequent advice is ensuring the countertops are clean, neat, and organized.

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It may seem obvious, but be sure your dishes are not in the sink or drainer.

The master bedroom is the room buyers will scrutinize next, and a clean, bright bedspread or quilt will make a big difference. For the living room, most real estate experts advise you to “scale down” your furniture. Buyers expect your home to have furniture, but they want to see the condition of your walls. They also want to imagine their furniture in the rooms.

The most important thing that buyers want in the bathroom is cleanliness. Of all the rooms they go through, this is the one that should most convey a sense of cleanliness. Although most homes should have a neutral smell, this one should have a faint residue of cleaning smell. Overall, you want to present a clean but comfortable-looking home.

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