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Your Guide to Terms Used by a Roofer

Navigating the roofing world can be challenging, especially when faced with unfamiliar terminology used by professionals in the field. Getting to know these terms can empower you to make educated decisions and effectively communicate with your roofer. Here’s a guide to common terms you may encounter during your roofing project.

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Firstly, let’s start with “roof pitch” which refers to the roof’s steepness or slope. This measurement is crucial as it influences the type of roofing materials and installation methods suitable for your home. A higher pitch requires different materials and techniques than a lower pitch.

Next, “flashing” is another term you’ll likely hear when discussing roofing projects. Flashing is a thin layer of material, usually metal, used to direct water away from critical areas of your roof, such as valleys, chimneys, and vents. Properly installed flashing is essential for preventing water leaks and prolonging the lifespan of your roof.

Lastly, “underlayment” is a vital component of your roofing system, providing additional protection. Commonly made from felt or synthetic materials, underlayment acts as a barrier against moisture and aids in enhancing the overall durability of your roof. It’s an essential element that roofers consider when planning and executing a roofing project.

Whether discussing roof pitch, flashing, or underlayment, having a basic understanding of these terms can make the process smoother and more transparent, ensuring you get the results you desire for your home.


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