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Good Information to Learn About Vintage Rugs

Did you know that antique carpets or vintage rugs are those that are over 100 years old. Like all interior decorating elements, interest in antique carpets ebbs and flows with housing and styling trends. Antique carpets provide a desirable traditional look in older homes while providing a creative element when decorating homes with a modern feel. Due to styling trends, antique carpets have lower demand today than in the past, but the future of interior decorating is uncertain, though these carpets will likely become trendy again.

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Despite not being the height of fashion today, high-quality carpets retain value, with top pieces demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even lesser-quality pieces sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Factors that affect the price of antique rugs include the country of origin, with Iranian or Persian rugs being the most valuable and Turkey, India, and Russia following behind. Of course, the condition of the rug always affects its value.

Other factors affecting the value of carpets are the styling and color. Persian rugs have many styles, ranging from floral patterns to geometric and many color palettes, from muted to vibrant. So, while vintage rugs are less valuable as a group than in the past, rugs with geometric patterns in vibrant colors may have a position in the market that more traditional rugs do not share.


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