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Increase The Value of Your Home With These Upgrades

As a homeowner, you are looking for new ways to improve the overall value of your home as much as you can. As your home ages, it starts to require some maintenance and upgrades. When you need to add these home solutions to the property, make sure that they also add value to your home so that it is improved and worth more than what you started with. Should you plan to sell or need to take out a line of equity, you want to get as much as possible by using one or more of the home solutions below.

Install a New Fence

Fences have come a long way over the years, and no matter where you live, they always add to the value of your home. Fences offer the security that comes with the property, giving you the security and privacy that homes without fences cannot provide. That is considered very valuable for homeowners everywhere, so make sure you take advantage of it with a new fence.

When you choose a new fence to install on your property, you can choose from different types and sizes. You can also choose from a variety of materials. They can be wood, chain-linked, vinyl, or other types of metal. Some panels are solid, while others offer semi-privacy. Depending on whether you have pets or kids, you can help you determine how private and tall that fence needs to be.

Fences in many areas are bound by zoning ordinances. Before installing your fence, check with your local county or city zoning inspector to see what you need to meet setbacks and how tall your fence can be legal. If you use a contractor to install the fence, they should have these ordinances and know what you can and cannot do on the property.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

An HVAC system can be one of the more expensive home solutions, but it is necessary to maintain temperature control in your home. Over time, your HVAC system will start to break down. This can happen from natural wear and tear from the elements, wildlife, and bug damage over time. When your HVAC system starts to break down, you will notice your energy bill increase. This is because the system is working harder and has to utilize more energy. This is also a sign that it is wearing down.

Depending on where you live, you may find that you can benefit from a ductless HVAC system and manage different rooms. There isn’t as much maintenance required with this system, and it works great in homes that are smaller, or have areas that need to be controlled separately from the main system. When you call out your HVAC technician, they will be able to let you know if your home is eligible for this option.

Hire a Plumber

Some of your home solutions to increase the property’s value come with plumbing services. These services can include regular maintenance services, repairs, or replacement parts over time. Depending on the age of your home, you need to have a plumber come out at least once a year to determine if your home needs repairs in the plumbing area. Every five years, you need to make sure that you are having your septic tank pumped so that it doesn’t overflow and put unnecessary pressure on your pipes.

There are some services where your pipes can bust or freeze, and you need to have them repaired. You will need to have this done promptly to avoid extensive water damage in your home. By replacing these pipes, you can keep your foundation intact and avoid damage done within the walls or beneath your home.

Organize Your Trash Situation

Trash maintenance is important for homeowners, and especially for those looking to sell their property in the near future. The trash situation is one of the home solutions that should include having a secure trash pickup with one of your local vendors so that you are not responsible for it piling up and causing unwanted smells around the home. Maintaining trash is one of the conveniences that many homeowners are willing to pay for, and many contractors are also willing to take this out of their hands. Once your home is on a trash pickup route, it helps maintain the property value of the home.

Trash lingering in the home or around it can attract unwanted pests to your property and your neighbors. If you are known for allowing your trash to pile up and be the reason for unwanted rodents, your property value will deteriorate along with your neighbors. Many HOAs in these newer neighborhoods may require you to have a contract for trash pickup in your area.

Install a New Bathroom

What most homeowners add to increase their property value is one of the most popular home solutions: a new bathroom. Depending on the space you currently have, consider adding at least a half bath to improve the convenience of the home and for your family.If you have the space, adding a full bathroom with a shower/tub combo is one of the best things you can do for your home.

When you decide to move forward with a new bathroom, you want to ensure it is done correctly, which means you need tile services for this space, quality plumbing, and a solid shower insert to keep mildew from developing in the bathroom. The tile is water-resistant and can protect the area from any long-term water damage.

Install a Swimming Pool

Probably one of the best home solutions to improve your overall home value is a swimming pool installation. You can choose between an in-ground or above-ground pool. They require a bit of investment to get them installed, and then you need to add a fence or deck, depending on which pool you choose. You can choose for these pools to be as deep or as shallow as you want, but the best value pools gradually increase starting at three feet and reaching eight feet.

If you decide to go with an underground pool, you can add in different features, such as water heating and lights to improve the overall experience of the pool. You will need to add cement around it to keep the pool secure and maintain the liner every five to seven years. Depending on the zoning requirements in your area, you may be required to place a second fence around the pool as a security precaution.

If you have a smaller budget or prefer the appearance of an above-ground pool, you can go with this option. The maintenance of these pools is much easier since the pool can be accessed above the ground. You should plan to build a deck, though, for safety purposes and the improvement of the value of the home. These pools will add some value to your home but only compare to in-ground pools when a deck is attached. You should also consider fencing off this area in your yard, especially if it is a part of the zoning ordinances.

Thrift Items

Believe it or not, some home solutions don’t require you to break the bank. If you want to find something of value to put around your home without spending too much money, you should visit your local pawn shop. They have all types of thrift items and pieces of nostalgia that can bring together the overall theme in a room in your home. You can find pieces like large signs, decorative lighting, and some treasures that you may not have known you need to place around the property.

It is important not to go overboard just because you find some nice things in the pawn shop. Some of this furniture will be nice pieces, and if you want to expand your search, your local thrift stores are usually places where donated treasures find a home. Things like unused wallpaper gently used appliances, and other things you need to repair your home are found in these places. You just have to take the time to do some shopping and look through them periodically to see what is new.

Clear Out Your Home

Before you can put your home on the market or even just have it appraised, one of the best home solutions investments is a cleanout company. The clutter in your home can bring down the value of your property significantly and you can miss repairs that your home may need because you cannot see them. When you have too much clutter, it is easy to miss an issue until it is too late and a major renovation is needed.

Even if you decide to keep your home, the quality of life that you experience by clearing out your him is significant. You can live healthier and avoid unsafe situations because there isn’t clutter blocking walkways. You will also save money over time by making decisions on whether or not you need to make new purchases for items. This is one investment that every homeowner should make.

Repaint Your Interiors

Probably the biggest must in home solutions is repainting your interior. Nothing screams increase home value like fresh paint that gives your walls a new glow. It’s hard to believe until you paint your home how much of a difference is makes. Paint can change the entire look of a room, making it feel brighter and larger in some cases.

While you could tackle this home solution by going to a home improvement store and getting the supplies you need, some homeowners are uncomfortable or just do not like the task of painting walls. It’s grueling, and it can take some time, with multiple coats needing to be applied. Fortunately, you can opt for interior painting contractors who can tackle these projects in a fraction of the time that you can as a DIY project.

As a homeowner, you may find yourself causing more damage by getting paint on counters, furniture, and everywhere else but the wall. These contractors are professionals and can avoid these catastrophes that would need to be replaced and cost you more money in projects and paint removal.

Install an Alarm System

Most homeowners find that vital home solutions include adding an alarm system on the property. Security and protection is essential, no matter where you live. Alarm systems not only allow you to know when someone is coming in unwanted but also let you know if you have someone trying to go out of the house. This can make all the difference in the safety of families with small children and pets. You can be alerted at all times if a door or window opens, where it’s located, and get ahead of any potential risk. These alarms can also alert the authorities for you, depending on which alarm goes off.

Alarm systems today also come with other security features, such as carbon monoxide testing, smoke alarms, and monitoring for gas leaks, which can save your family in an emergency. Homes without these alarms may not know when they have been exposed and run the risk of not knowing before it’s too late. The security of an alarm system is invaluable and an absolute must when it comes to improving your home value.

Take Advantage Of These Different Home Solutions

While your home may not need all the solutions listed above, there are a few that you can find to truly help your home, improve its value, and improve your quality of life. Even if you don’t plan to sell or move shortly, there are things you can do to make your home more comfortable and secure. Improving the quality of your home allows you to protect your investment so that you don’t have to do steady maintenance. When the time comes that you want to sell, you will be ready because you took the necessary steps. Consider this list and determine what’s right for your property.

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