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The Best Ways to Approach Your Custom Closet Designing

Bringing a custom touch to your bedroom can be an exciting but daunting task. Even if you never lift a hammer, just the process of designing your new fixture can be overwhelming. However, others have been in your position before; as such, there are plenty of tips and strategies out there to make the best of your custom closet designing project. Here are a few of them to get you started.

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First off, consider placing a hutch in the center of your closet if you need to divide your wardrobe between business and casual. Use it to store hats and other accessories in order to split the clothes up visually. Next, consider your ceilings. How high are they? Installing double rods can help maximize the space. It can also give your hangers a little extra room to display your clothes outward. If you’re a bit short on space, consider a hidden tie or belt rack. They can keep your ties and belts tidy on the side of your closet. Going back to the hutch again, those are best designed with drawers to help reduce furniture in the bedroom. As a bonus, installing drawers gives your hutch the opportunity for a catch-all surface. Try them out!

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