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What You Need To Know About Soft Close Drawer Parts

Remodeling the kitchen is increasingly becoming more popular in many homes. Every year homeowners remodel over 10.2 million kitchens and 14.2 million bathrooms. With the high number of benefits brought about by the kitchen, it is very important to keep this special area not only clean but also with a nice outlook. This is why you may need to remodel your kitchen occasionally. The process entails getting rid of the faulty kitchen furniture, repainting the walls, replacing the old soft close drawer parts, setting up new and additional kitchen cabinets, and oiling the cabinet drawer glide parts.

Much attention should be directed towards the quality of every part used in remodeling your kitchen. The soft close drawer parts should be of great efficiency and in good shape just to ensure additional space is properly incorporated into your kitchen. Below are some of the factors to put into consideration when buying soft close drawer parts:

Mechanism Of Movement

Cabinet drawers are of different colors, shapes, materials, and even mechanisms of movement. Some use under-mount drawer slides, while others ball bearing slides and lastly self-closing slides. Before you redo your kitchen cabinets and drawers, you must have in mind the type of movement mechanism you expect to have on the slides. This is to ensure you have a soft close drawer that not only provides reasonable space for storage but you can easily open it. Therefore, it saves time.


Depending on what you expect to store in your kitchen, ensure you put into consideration the weight of the soft close drawer parts you will use in renovation. The drawers should be able to provide sufficient storage area and are strong enough to sustain the weight of the items being stored there. Assess the material used in making the cabinet pulls, drawer slides, cabinet latches, drawer locks, and cabinets to ensure it is durable to serve you for a long time. This means it should be built from a strong material that will not be damaged by the weight of the utensils you intend to keep in the drawer.


The cost of repairing essential soft close drawer parts is a serious point of consideration. As you intend to repaint the kitchen drawers and cabinets and replace damaged soft close drawer parts, you must ensure you also work within a reasonable budget. There is no need to spend quite a fortune on this kind of project and ultimately end up broke. In that connection, you must compare the different prices of acquiring soft close drawer parts to make an informed decision. While doing so, prioritize quality. Remember, you will need to have your utensils, cutleries and other related items kept safe in your kitchen. Therefore, you need secure drawer locks and slides that will help in preventing unauthorized access. Set a considerable budget to guide you while making the necessary renovations to your kitchen.


Nobody wants to replace drawer slides after one week. This is why you must ensure you install strong and durable ones to prevent instances of having to buy new drawer slides and incurring repair costs within a short while. Shopping for these important soft close drawer parts requires in-depth research, reading reviews, and inquiring from previous clients. You will get different options for you to make an informed purchase. Make sure you get value for your money.


Setting up cabinets and drawers in your kitchen not only creates enough storage space but boosts the appearance of your kitchen. In that regard, as you remodel your kitchen and get rid of those old cabinets and drawers make sure you replace them with quality ones. The cabinet doors, drawer slides, cabinet latches, and cabinet locks you use should be efficient and highly functional.

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