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Want Color For Landscaping? Try Bark Dust!

To the average citizen, bark dust and mulch are not different. And while, technically, they are not wrong, more like 50 percent wrong. Yes, both can be considered mulch, their applications are rooted in different uses.

Bark dust gets its creative name by being exactly what it says – the dust from bark. The outer layers of trees are transported to lumber mills where they are milled to whichever consistency is called for. However, they can vary in coarseness; like wood chips for playgrounds or a fine dust. Mulch, on the other hand, is not made from anything specific. It is an amalgamation of organic material that is ideal for a richer soil. In other words, mulch is usage over aesthetic, while bark dust is sometimes aesthetics over usage.

With so many children coming and going on playgrounds, bark dust shines as a popular choice for a playground setting, especially in cities like Portland where 132 playgrounds reside within. This is because bark dust can be cut into very fine bits rather than large chunks like you would commonly see for mulch.

Its benefits do not stop there. As far as aesthetics go, bark dust can add a splash of color, depending on the tree it is produced from, rather than the dull, earth tones mulch exhibits. While it sits there looking pretty, it is soaking up nitrogen, slowly decomposing and nurturing the soil and even suppresses the rise of weeds. And we all know how much we hate weeds!

Not to mention it is easy and quick to apply! By simply getting in touch with bark blowing services, you can employ a few bark blowers accompanied with bark dust specialists, of course, to deliver wood chips for playgrounds or perhaps a home needs some color and texture. If you do use it for a playground, it is highly recommended that the layer of bark dust be as thick as 12 inches. If you do use it for your home, a much thinner layer of about two to three inches of bark dust will do just fine. After that, you will not have to worry about replacing it for another two to four years, however, it depends on how well it is maintained as well as the type of bark chosen.

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