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Remodeling and Renovations So Valuable to The Home, Especially The Kitchen and Bathroom

According to surveys taken by the National Association of Home Builders, bathroom and kitchen remodeling are the most commonly requested renovations in the United States. Both of these projects are proven to have the potential for over 80% return on investment (ROI) upon completion. Therefore, when considering interior remodeling projects, the kitchen and bathroom are important, especially if your home will be going in the market in the near future.

Start with Kitchen Remodeling

Considering the amount of return that you will gain from remodeling your kitchen, it is one of the best places to start when the decision is made to start some renovations. It is important to remember that the kitchen is also an important room to take care of when renovating your home. It can add great value and appeal in many ways:

  1. Just over three-quarters of homeowners update the kitchen in a renovation project.
  2. A 2016 study showed that almost 90% of homeowners hired a contractor for kitchen remodeling.
  3. Even a minor kitchen remodeling project brings over 82% ROI.

Upon considering all of this information, there is much to see in the potential of renovating your kitchen for the increased value of your home. No matter whether you will remain living there for a long time or placing it on the market for sale, having such an ROI will be great for a financial turnaround in the long run. Even more than financial, the kitchen is a room seen more often by family and friends as well, increasing the visual appeal of your home as well.

Other Home Remodeling Projects

While the bathroom remodel is included with the kitchen as one of the most popular rooms, there are many others that are valuable in the completion of a home remodel. Whether you are looking to update curb appeal or financial value, there are many small and large renovations alike that can be completed.

Some of the additional home renovations that can be helpful include home additions and basement remodeling. There is much to gain from having every room in the home up to date before ever trying to sell your home. Often there is much to be seen for a finished basement and what it can be turned into as a spare room. And then there is the bathroom remodel that aligns with kitchen remodeling as well. With about 90% of homeowners completing a master bathroom with an overall renovation, there are also 80% of them that complete a remodel with the shower and tub along with countertop and flooring upgrades.

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