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Blowing Around Wood Chips for a Playground

Landscaping is the general act of modifying a house’s or a commercial building’s front or back yard to make it more attractive, and in the case of a house, this can involve man-made items, too. A house, for example, may have grills, wooden decks, or even a swimming pool set up for the owner’s pleasure. What is more, landscaping can boost a property’s value and appeal on the housing market, making it a strong investment for a homeowner. A high ROI, or return on investment, may be expected when a home with landscaping is put on the real estate market, and it may sell faster and for a higher price. Some landscaping, especially that for public building lawns or parks, involves natural materials or planting trees, shrubs, or flowerbeds. In this case, bark dust can be scattered with bark blowers to decorate the ground around a tree or a flowerbed, and this can both protect the soil and look very attractive. Parks need landscaping too, but it should be noted that bark dust is a poor choice for a playground’s lot. Instead, blowing certified playground chips made of certain wood species works well, and blowing certified playground chips means that tougher materials are being laid down for kids to walk and run on. A barkdust specialist can perform landscaping for an office building or library, for example, while blowing certified playground chips is more of an industrial job. They are not to be confused, but both can have a wonderful effect in their respective fields.

Playground Decor

There are many ways to build and improve a park or playground today, and many American cities and towns have a lot of parks in them for citizens to enjoy. But bare ground is not attractive or practical for a playground, and bare dirt can often make messes, especially after it rains or when snow melts. Rather, blowing certified playground chips is a great idea, and when a park is being built or renovated, such wood chips, often made from cedar, can get the job done. Blowing certified playground chips is a job best left to landscaping contractors, who may be hired by city hall or the parks and rec department of a community. Wood chips are created when wood is fed into a wood chipper, generating a generous quantity of usable wood chips. The city of Portland alone has some 132 playgrounds, for example, and Portland parks will often need fresh wood chips put down so that parks stay in good condition for guests. Other cities may perform similar upkeep on their own communities. But what about bark dust and landscaping for a visual treat?

Bark Dust and Landscaping

As mentioned earlier, putting down bark dust, or chips of tree bark, is a great way to both make a lawn look more attractive and protect the soil at the same time. This often makes a lawn more attractive, and general landscaping can be highly efficient as an investment. In fact, if landscaping is done right, investing just 5% of a property’s value into it can yield a ROI as high as 150%. This also means that not only will the current homeowner enjoy the landscaping, but the next owner will, too. And many American homeowners realize this.Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals carried out a poll, and 67% of those who responded said that professional landscaping would make for a better yard. Similarly, 83% of Americans agree that having a yard is important, and 90% of those with a yard say that maintaining it is very important. This may involve putting down fertilizer for grass, and it may also involve bark dust.

A homeowner can hire landscaping contractors who can put down bark dust as desired, and such bark dust may look very attractive surrounding a tree or a flowerbed or even a shrub. When used for landscaping, most experts agree that bark dust should be put down in a layer two to three inches thick. This bark dust is not only attractive, but it is also practical. It helps keep soil moist and prevents erosion, and it also impairs the growth of weeds. This can make it an excellent choice for nearly any lawn.

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