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Building a Good Fence for Property

A piece of property such as a home or a vacation house will have a number of features both inside and out, and items that are installed or planted in the front or back yards constitute landscaping. Some landscaping jobs may involve installing a swimming pool or a wooden deck, or a fruit tree or shrubs or even a flower garden with a low wall. One common piece of landscaping that is both attractive and practical is fencing. Fences may come in all kinds, from painted wooden fences to stone or brick walls to wrought iron fences that a person can see through but not so easily get through. Fences often have extra features such as entrance gates for the front walkway and the driveway, and entrance gates may either be opened manually (usually the smaller ones) or they may be opened with motors and a remote control, such as large entrance gates for the driveway. A person with the right skills and materials can bui8ld their own fence or pool enclosure, but in most cases, a homeowner will want to hire commercial fencing services to get fences and their entrance gates (especially electric gates) set up. There are a number of advantages for a property having its own fences and entrance gates.

The Industry

Plenty of properties, both private and public, have their own fencing set up for security and aesthetic, and the industry is a big one in the United States. As of 2016, for example, the American fencing market was valued at $7 billion or so, and forecasts show that it may reach a size of $11.5 by the year 2024, and from 2012 to 2017, this market grew 6.2% per year, suggesting that the growth may continue well into the future. The fences themselves vary in material and regulations for construction, and various jurisdictions hold that residential fencing should be set either two, four, six, or eight inches from the property line. Guard rails for roads may be tested with vehicles going up to 62 MPH to ensure that they are sturdy enough to help prevent cars from going over the road, for another example. Fencing should be done just right so it can be secure for everyone.

How can fences be made? Some of them are the classic material: wood. A wooden fence may or may not be painted, and fences may often be painted white or gentle colors for aesthetics. Such fences are fairly private and are difficult to see through, which may set some customers at ease knowing that no one can look in to their property at ground level. Wooden fence owner should be aware, though, that one side will have support beams that can ac as climbing handholds for people or even large dogs, and when a wooden fence is built, these rails should face inwards at the property, and should not be on the outside face, or else burglars may easily get into a property by climbing them. Wooden fences will also need a fair amount of maintenance since they are made from an organic material and they will need to be repainted every so often.

Another material is brick or stone, and this makes a fence very durable and difficult to climb like wooden fences, although they may cost more to install (the exact price may vary). This type of fence may be desired by those with a large and expensive property, or by public buildings that have very valuable items inside or buildings in areas with high crime rates.

Conversely, a homeowner may get one of the simpler types of fence: chain-link. This type of fence has the disadvantage of being very easy to climb and see through, but if a person is not too concerned about serious crime, they can install this type of fence mainly to keep stray animals away from the property and keep pets such as dogs inside a yard. Such fences may have simple entrance gates for walkways, although chain link fences might not have large enough gates for a driveway, too. Chain-link may also be desirable if the homeowner has a desirable view or vista around their property and they don’t want to block it with a wooden or brick fence.

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