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Commercial Elevator Repair Information

Commercial Elevator Repair Information

An elevator repair company is required to fix a broken elevator. As elevators are functioning machines, they may break down from time to time and require assistance in fixing them. In the United States alone, there are approximately 900,000 commercial elevators and they service around 20,000 people per year. With elevators undergoing regular use, having a reliable elevator safety company to call is important to keeping the elevators up and running. Elevator maintenance can help reduce problems with elevator and keeps things running smoothly. The majority of elevators are located within commercial, retail, or residential properties with an average rise of 40 feet, which is approximately 4 to 5 floors. Commercial elevators that carry passengers are hydraulically driven when they need to reach a maximum height of 50 feet. Commercial elevators that need to reach over 50 feet, are traction driven. These traction driven elevators are mainly installed in high rise architecture. In addition, elevators used to require an entire team or dispatcher and operator team to function. In modern times, navigational buttons on elevators renders these whole teams useless and obsolete, and elevators can be repaired more easily by less people.

Commercial Elevators Vs. Escalators

There are twenty times more elevators in the United States than escalators, but only one-third of the accidents on elevators. This makes elevators twenty times safer than escalators. Elevators also have the ability to lift up on multi-level buildings, up and down many floors at once. With escalators, you have to switch escalator between each floor. The extra walk between escalators makes it less convenient, as opposed to stepping onto an elevator, pressing a button, and waiting to get on the desired floor. This convenience makes elevators and an elevator company key resources for both muli-floored buildings.

The Rise of Residential Elevators

Astonishingly, over 10,000 residential elevators are being installed each year. These residential lifts are in homes of multi-floor estates. Even though they are in homes and are not being used nearly as often as commercial elevators, residential elevators still require an elevator company to be on call in case of any elevator related problems or emergencies. Is your home equipped for an elevator? Would you ever consider installing a residential lift?

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