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3 Important Facts about Painting Materials Everyone Should Know

Many people don’t think twice about paint, stains or gloss varnish so long as there is not lead in them. Many think that lead is the only thing they need to worry about. There are in fact other things that people should worry about when it comes to paints, stains and gloss varnish. Things such as organics contained in paints are known to be as much as five times higher indoors and when inhaled can cause a host of health problems. While many things like VOCs will naturally fade, the fear comes into play when reinstalling flooring or repainting a room. Choosing an organic option or VOC-free materials can help greatly. Those with chemical sensitivities can experience issues with VOC levels over 500 ppb, which is yet another reason to choose carefully. Read below to see other issues with certain types of paints, stains and gloss varnishes.


Many paints are loaded with VOCs. These are otherwise known as volatile organic compounds. The problem with them is that they are gases that are continuously released into the air. They are responsible for causing a host of problems including headaches and asthmatic symptoms.

Other Toxins

As if VOCs are not scare enough, there are other things that are just as scary if not scarier. These things include methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone. These are put in the paint to keep bacterial out of it. While the intention is good, them being in the paint is not good. The fumes from these paints can cause immediate problems such as headaches, sinus problems and asthmatic symptoms, and there’s not telling what the long term effects of these is.


Aside from an irritating smell, there are other issues that arise from these types of products. Porch paint, deck paint or paint for decks, paint for the nursery and even gloss varnish all contain chemicals that are known carcinogens. They can disrupt your immune system and do damage to your nervous system. If this doesn’t worry for yourself it should worry you because of your children.

Now that you know what to issues certain things contained in painting materials can cause, it should make more sense to choose VOC free materials. Not only will your family and you feel better, but smaller children will benefit as well. Since smaller children tend to take in more oxygen these issues could be exacerbated in them compared with issues you see in adults. Choose wisely to make a safe decision for you and your family.

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