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Why Should I Use a Water Softener?

When you have hard water at home it can cause damage to your pipes, stains when washing clothing, skin irritations, and trouble washing clothes. Signs you have hard water problems are slower water flow, mineral residue in coffee pots, pans, glasses, and dishes. Other signs might be an unpleasant smell in the water, plumbing problems, and laundry that does not seem clean enough. The solution is to find the best water softeners for your needs. There are many salt-based water softeners, duo tank softeners, salt-free water softeners or descaler, electronic magnetic descalers. When installing it is recommended to call a plumber.

Look for the best water softener reviews on websites like Consumer Report or Water Filter Magazine. These sites will often tell you the best water treatment for hard water or the best whole house water softener Consumer Reports. There are many sites to buy water softener online and in stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and your local hardware store. The benefits of using a water softener include needing less laundry detergent, lower water bills, fewer stains on dishes, glasses, and pots, a softer feel to clothes and linens, and less damage to your pipes and appliances.

Do you lug a shrink-wrapped container of bottled water into your home every week when you do your grocery shopping? Have you ever longed for an alternative to the wastefulness of plastic bottled water, and the inconvenience of purchasing it? Or are you sick of rough hair and grimy dishes from hard tap water? If you’re ready to drink cleaner, more economic water, a high capacity water softener may be for you. Here are three things you need to know about softened water.

1. Water treated by a softener is very clean.

Viruses and bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella are so incredibly small in size that only ultra filtering and reverse osmosis can eliminate them. Additionally, the plastic in disposable water bottles has been known to give water an off, unpleasant taste. The plastic doesn’t last forever, either; the expiration date on your disposable water bottles isn’t for the water, it’s for the plastic. Plastic materials in bottles only have so long before they began to chemically affect your water.

2. Residential water softener systems are good for you.

Our bodies are two-thirds water, and even the most mild of dehydration can drain your energy rapidly, affecting your focus and clarity. Drinking softened tap water also helps to monitor your daily mineral intake, as opposed to hardened water. Drinking hard water can overload your body with more than the daily recommended amounts of magnesium, calcium and other minerals.

3. Your household will thank you, from softer skin to shinier silverware.

Really, the benefits of water softeners are endless. The benefits of having softened water will pop up everywhere, from less buildup in your home’s pipes to shinier, healthier hair. Hardened water leaves unsightly spots on dishes and is less agreeable with soaps and detergents. Your water heater won’t have to work as hard, and your energy expenses will decline.

Investing in a high capacity water softener may seem complicated and daunting, but local water softener dealers can help you determine the best size and capacity of softener for your home, as well as if you should choose traditional salt-based softeners or salt-free ones.
Most Americans use tap water from public systems, but four-fifths of them are still using hard water. Choose to make the investment today that will keep your family cleaner, healthier, and better hydrated.


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