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Quick Tips for Buying the Perfect Garden Hose


If you’re a gardener or someone who just loves outdoor DIY projects, then you know the value of having a garden hose outdoors. It can help keep your backyard looking clean, and you can use it to water your plants when they need it, which can create and maintain a beautiful garden! If you’re looking to find the perfect one for your backyard, read on to learn about different factors you should take into consideration when shopping around!

1. Think about the size

When it comes to choosing a good garden hose for your home, be sure to think about how long or short you would need it to be. Garden hoses come in a variety of sizes. If your plants are far from where you would have it connected to a water source, then you need to think about getting a longer hose. A garden hose normally comes in 25-foot increments, ranging from 25-100 feet. Shorter hoses are generally good for patio use, or for homes that don’t have a garden or pool that is far from the water source. It’s important to think about the length because longer is not always better. If you don’t have a need for a longer one, stick with a shorter one, or else you’ll have to worry about storing all that added length, which can get tangled and messy especially in a small space.

2. Durability

There are different kinds of materials that hoses are made out of. There is the basic vinyl hose, which is great for gardens, filling up bird baths and pools, and for other backyard use. These are pretty sturdy, but if you feel like you want some real reinforcement, then you might want to consider getting a rubber hose. These kinds of hoses will last longer, however, they have quite the hefty price tag, so you really need to think about whether you need a hose that reinforced and strong. If you’re looking to do basic backyard work, then you should probably stick with the vinyl kind. A quality garden hose should last you about 5-10 years.

3. Flexibility

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing what kind of garden hose to get is flexibility. Not only do you want to think about how strong and durable they are, but also how flexible they are. While a rubber hose might be more durable, it might be as flexible. If you need to move your hose around a lot, then think about getting a vinyl hose.

As you can see, even a detail as small as what kind of garden hose you purchase can make an impact on your landscaping design! Garden hoses are wonderful additions to any patio space or blooming backyard, as they can help out with keeping the area clean, keeping fountains brimming with water, and for keeping your plants healthy and happy! Do you have any other suggestions for purchasing the right garden hose? Let us know in the comments below!

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