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Improved Lighting Can Help You Work Harder And Sleep Better Here’s How

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Every aspect of your home fits like a piece in the puzzle. When one of these pieces is missing? You are losing out on the bigger picture.

Lighting is just as important to the comfort and beauty of your home as elegant furniture or clean carpet. It brings out the best in your home’s color scheme and contributes to a feeling of wellness no matter the time of day. It can even impact your mood. Selecting the right lighting is a matter of perusing your options with care so you can reap the benefits of a well-lit home as well as keep your energy bill as low as possible. The list below will detail the differences in lighting, offer tips on saving money and gradually inch you closer toward a home that just feels better.

Did You Know?

Commercial lighting is seeing a boost in recent sales as more homeowners learn about the positive effect better lighting can have in their life. This extends not just to people who own a home, but people who work in a studio or home office. A study recently conducted by the American Society Of Interior Design found nearly 70% of employees are unhappy about the lighting situation at work. Another study found the majority of homeowners choosing to upgrade their outdoor spaces picking their backyard to start with.

Functional Lighting

It’s important to know the differences between commercial lighting. Functional lighting is exactly what is says on the tin, designed first and foremost to add as much value as possible to a home or office space. Studies have only continued to prove the positive impact regular lighting has on human physical and emotional health. Test participants with windows in their offices were found to get nearly 50 more minutes of sleep per night than their more light-deprived counterparts. These same participants even reported exercising more.

Decorative Lighting

The benefits of landscape lighting can bring out your home’s hidden potential. Decorative lighting is much like adding a new throw rug or vase, bolstering your inner aesthetic while simultaneously providing a superior lighting experience. These can include deck lights that add a soft glow to the porch in the evening or light strings strewn around your bedroom to create a more relaxing environment as you fall asleep at night. It’s estimated lighting accounts for nearly 12% of energy usage in residential buildings. Eager to save money? Then custom lighting design is for you.

Advanced Lighting

For those that want to save money even as they invest in high end landscape lighting it’s important you seek out LED models. These provide superior output while using much less electricity than standard bulbs, giving you the best of both worlds as you seek out your commercial lighting resources. Bluer white light can be provided by bulbs marked 4200-6500K. Whiter light is offered by bulbs that are marked 3000-4100K. For those that prefer the classic yellow glow seek out bulbs marked with 2700-2900K. Your average LED will only use 15% of the energy of a standard halogen light.

Simple Tips For A Well-Lit Home

Exterior lighting and interior lighting may require different bulbs and different energy usage, but the fundamental goal is the same…create a home that looks and operates better than before. You can even save money as you spend it. Landscaping has been found to save your home up to 15% on its resale value, which is nothing to say of the superior sleep and improved work output of a better lit environment. Try adding timers or dimmers to your models to keep your home looking beautiful all day long without having to constantly change the lighting yourself.

From flood lights to a lovely light fixture in the kitchen, the benefits of a brighter home are just around the corner. How can commercial lighting improve your life this year?

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