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Fresh Tile can make a Significant Difference

Home remodel

According to several studies, kitchens and bathrooms are the two most remodeled rooms in any home. They are also the two rooms looked at the most when buying a house, and they have the largest return on investment when attempting to sell a house.

Bathroom renovations often include updating the shower or bathtub, replacing the vanity, painting, and replacing or updating the flooring. For practical reasons, tile is one of the most common materials used for flooring in bathrooms, showers, and even the walls. It last a long time and it is relatively easy to clean when compared to other options.

Bathroom renovations can be costly, however, they offer a high return on investment, they offer a higher quality of living while in the home, and the price can be managed depending on the products chosen for use during the renovation process. There are plenty of lower cost options that still look high end when it comes to vanities, showers, and tiling.

A shower or tub remodel alone can greatly enhance the look and feel of the bathroom. There is a lot being done with mosaic tile that can give your bathroom an amazingly unique and high-end look without breaking the bank.

In addition to your bathroom, new tile in the kitchen can make a significant difference. You can update your counters, floor, or back splash adding color and freshness to the room. The backsplash has become a popular spot to throw in bright contrasting colors to really brighten up the room. when working with solid colored appliances and natural looking counter tops, bright tile can make an enormous difference.

Although there are a lot of articles on online about “do-it-yourself” options, when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom especially, you really want to consult with a professional. There are plenty of options and contractors that will provide a fresh estimate for the job you are thinking about, as well as options for reducing costs while still getting the look you are hoping for. A kitchen and bathroom contractor will also be up on all the latest trends and options in that space.

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