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How To Keep Your Heating System Working Through The Winter Months

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If you live in an area that gets some pretty bitey winters, you know just how important it is to have a heating system that works to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the chilly winter months. A heating unit can really be a lifesaver during the winter when your family wants to come home after a long day’s work and feel nice and warm, and if you have a baby or small children, they want to stay warm as well in a home that is well-heated. By doing just a few small things, you can ensure that your heating system works well all winter long.

1. Don’t abuse your heating system

While you want that warm house, you might want to try and find a temperature that is a little lower and then use warm clothing to stay comfortable. By overusing your heating system, you run the risk of it not working, and then you’re really in trouble until you can get someone to come out and fix it! Most people can find a comfortable temperature between 62F and 68F, and you can even lower it more during the night and use thick quilts and comforters to stay warm. Another great idea is to use a programmable thermostat or a “smart” thermostat that can adjust the temperature. That way, not only are you saving money on your electric bill, but you’re also lessening the risk of your heating system giving out too early and having to call a home heating repair service.

2. Change the air filters regularly

Both a heating and cooling unit use air filters, and both require them to be changed every so often. Even with a heating unit filters the internal components. If the filters become too clogged it can result in your heating unit being less effective and not keeping your home warm enough. If you notice that your home is not staying heated the way it should and it still feels very chilly, it might be a big red flag that you need your change your air filters. This is a preventative measure that helps keep your heating and cooling unit working.

Having a heating unit that is working properly through the winter is incredibly important for your safety and comfort. Do you have any other advice for keeping your heating until working properly? Tell us in the comments below!

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