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Good Lawn Care Is More Than Curb Appeal

Environmentally friendly lawncare

According to a survey conducted on behalf of the National Association of Lawncare Professionals, three-quarters of Americans believe it is important for them to spend time outside in their yards. We put so much into our yards to make them look nice and to have them serve some sort of function, like a place to picnic or hold outdoor activities for family and friends. It’s no wonder, then, that we spend so much money on them.

In our modern day, taking care of our lawns and yards can be done much more organically than even 20 years ago. Natural lawn care is being practiced by many more professional landscapers and garden enthusiasts alike. Natural lawn care is a safer lawn care, using very few if any, chemical sprays for weeds or bugs. It has been determined that 83% of Americans believe having a yard of some kind is important and of that number, 90% believe that the yard they have should be well maintained.

This, of course, translates into value for a homeowner when it comes to selling their property. A nice, professional looking landscape design on your property will increase a home’s resale value by at least 14%. Having the front of the house designed well will give your house what they call curb appeal. This means that when prospective buyers drive by the house and simply have a look from their cars, your home’s landscaping will be very appealing to them.

While curb appeal is important, a beautiful backyard can sometimes seal the deal for a buyer. The backyard is often the place for relaxation, whether you are single or are married with children, and natural lawn care is an important selling point when it comes to yards. When buyers see that you have employed environmentally friendly lawncare practices to your landscaping, not only will they be thrilled with what they see, they will also be glad to know that what you have done can be kept up in the same way. Natural lawn care and organic lawn care practices are a major selling point for many prospective buyers who are looking for homes with yards and landscaping on the top of their most wanted things list.

Safe lawn care
practices are becoming more and more important for buyers and they are willing to pay more for homes that have them. Dogs and cats that roam free in the backyards of many American homes are much less likely to become sick from any chemicals that are sprayed. But, of course, it’s not all about pets. Many young, first time homebuyers are looking for a home in which to raise their children. When they come across a home with natural lawn care practices, they almost always take at least a second look. Raising children in a backyard free from harsh chemicals is something that every young parent wants, and now that it is possible, why wouldn’t you?

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