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Have You Checked Your Basement Lately? You Might Be At Risk For A Flood!

Basement wall crack repair

When’s the last time you went about waterproofing basements in your home? If you can’t come up with an answer — there’s no better time to start! Basement cracks and leaks can seem like minor problems now, but over time they can lead to everything from increased energy bills to damaged foundations to even floods. There are a bevy of basement foundation repair services in the United States that can stop a problem before it starts and keep you from digging around in your insurance claims due to ruined furniture and peeling walls! Look below at some of the most common issues with waterproofing basements, simple habits you can learn and how you can take advantage of repair services before worse comes to worse!

Did You Know?

Leaks, cracks and warped wood foundations are no joke! The year 2013 saw water damage accounting for a whopping 25% of all insurance loss claims throughout the United States, with the vast majority of American basements dealing with some form of water damage over the years. According to the National Flood Insurance Program (also known as NFIP), floods are the number one disaster in America. While most of these frustrating occurrences can be avoided entirely, it’s estimated Americans still spend over $3 billion in water damage claims every year. What should you know to circumvent this?

Keeping Your Basement Clean

Don’t wait until the damage is done! It’s essential you practice day-to-day habits to maintain your basement and prevent issues from building up over time. A crack in your foundation over a fourth of an inch wide should be inspected and large stair step cracks should be fixed immediately. Plants of all shapes and sizes should be placed carefully at a minimum of two feet from the foundation, as well as positioned deep in the soil, to help prevent water from redirecting to your basement. Submersible or pedestal pumps can be bought in case of an accident — submersible pumps last an upward of 15 years, while pedestal pumps have a lifespan of 25 to 30 as long as they are properly installed and kept free of debris.

Counteracting Water Damage

If you’ve already experienced a degree of water damage due to a leak or flood, never fear! There are steps you can take to recover your items and get your basement back into tip-top shape. Organic items, such as bedding and upholstery, need to be removed and dried within the next 48 hours to prevent mold build-up. Mold not only ruins your fabrics, it can aggravate allergies and pre-existing asthma conditions! Your floor and any soaked walls should also be dried as soon as possible, as mold build-up can spread throughout the air and weaken your foundation over time. So, who should you call to help with waterproofing basements in your home?

Foundation Repair Services

Whether you’ve had a flooded basement in the past or are looking to prevent a future disaster, contacting a basement waterproofing contractor will go a long way in ensuring your house stays clean and flood-free! A basement crack repair professional will go throughout your basement and pinpoint any potential leaks as well as teach you tips you can apply routinely to stave off water damage. Just like a little issue can become a big problem, so can a little effort go a long way in preventing a flood. Look through your local directory and see who can give your house the check-up it needs!

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