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5 Ways to Add Privacy to Your Backyard

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If you are a homeowner in an urban or suburban area, privacy can be lacking from your everyday life. Whether it be noisy neighbors or a constant mill of people walking in the area, there are ways to minimize these disruptions. The demand for fences seems to be increasing, as the National Zoning Committee estimates that up to 90% of the applications it receives are for privacy fencing while the fencing industry has ballooned into a $51 billion industry. But what are your options when it comes to providing that privacy that may be missing from your life?

  1. Fences: With a vertical fence, you are able to provide as much privacy as needed. If you are looking for a complete blockade from the surrounding area, tall wooden fencing is ideal. However, a lower picket fence will provide privacy and boundaries but won’t restrict the view from beyond your yard. Also, aluminum fences provide a boundary for animals but also increase the curb appeal of the home. Aside from adding privacy to your home and backyard, fencing does much more. A fence that is well taken care of can be expected to return about 65% of the original investment.
  2. Stone wall: Popular among older farmhouses, stone walls provide a chic and decorative way to provide your household with some privacy. The layering of differently colored stones creates an aesthetically appealing look while serving a purpose.
  3. Masonry Walls with Ornamental Ironwork: Primarily used for the walls of buildings and retaining walls, masonry walls are usually comprised of brick or concrete. When adorned with ornamental ironwork, the curb appeal of the masonry wall increases drastically.
  4. Fountains (for white noise): While they are unable to provide visual privacy from your surroundings, fountains are a great alternative when noise carries easily from yard to yard. The trickling water provides a layer of white noise to prevent private conversations from being heard by neighbors or vice versa.
  5. Shrubs:

If zoning restrictions don’t allow fences in your yard, shrubbery is a great alternative. They provide a natural and green layer of solitude between your yard and the land beyond.

If you are struggling with privacy in your home and backyard, don’t fret. You have many options and can choose one that fits your lifestyle and budget. Whether it be a stone wall, wooden vertical fence or a row of shrubs, there is plenty that can be done.

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