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Is Your Carpet Rated Low-Emissions? What to Do When You Have Allergies

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Surprisingly, about one in every five Americans has an allergy; dust, pet dander, mold, and everyday household objects like spray cleaners and air fresheners can cause year-round reactions and repeated trips to the doctor’s office. Increasingly, homeowners are searching for flooring options — carpet, cork, tile, and hardwood floors — that will not cause them or their children any discomfort at home.

If a homeowner has a dust allergy, for example, there are some options available for carpet installation and purchase. Carpets made from materials like nylon and olefin are not expected to shed, and with regular vacuuming should be comfortable to people who have an allergy, for example, to wool and other natural fibers. The majority of homes in America do feature carpeted floors, which can help to heat the home in colder climates.

Homeowners are also advised to check the label on the back of the carpet: there are some carpets that are certified “low-emissions,” which means that they do not release toxic chemicals or particulates into the air indoors. Since children do tend to play on carpets more often, experts advise considering various carpeting ideas for family room play as well as for children’s rooms.

Interested homeowners may want to consult with a carpeting professional, who should be able to advise thoroughly about options for carpet installation and purchase. Whether hardwood, cork, tile, or carpet, indoor flooring options need to be tailored to suit an individual’s — or family’s — needs.

Although some experts say that every flooring option has some potential to cause an allergic reaction, homeowners report that finding the perfect floor options for their home just took some research and consulting with a flooring professional. With the average carpet lasting 10 years or more, homeowners with allergies are willing to go the extra mile in order to be assured of finding the perfect carpet.

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