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Innovative Air Conditioning Design Makes Upgrading Historical Properties Possible

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Many homeowners who own older homes may find that with every passing summer, they grow more interested in the prospect of installing central air. Older properties that were built before the advent of commercial and residential air conditioning may not have the internal ductwork that is common in apartments and houses that were more recently constructed. Some homeowners may find themselves reluctant to consult with HVAC contractors, not realizing that HVAC design may be able to accommodate homeowners with historical properties.

HVAC companies that work to upgrade heating and air conditioning systems in older homes realize that homeowners are looking for high-technology solutions that are also aesthetically pleasing and minimally disruptive of historical architecture. Some top ductless air conditioner manufacturers specialize in retrofitting HVAC designs for historical properties; there are solutions to deliver air conditioning to a home without having to install extensive ductwork, experts report.

In older homes that were originally built with heating ducts, HVAC contractors may be able to add air conditioning functionality to the existing heat delivery system. Often, homeowners whose homes have heating ductwork find that their ducts are, indeed, large enough to allow for an air conditioning retrofit. Contractors should be able to seal the entire system, install the appropriate HVAC air filters, and produce an HVAC design that will please historical property owners.

Experienced HVAC contractors should be willing to work with homeowners to decide the most effective HVAC design and overall strategy for the property. HVAC ductwork can be installed, if needed, but recent advances in air conditioning technology may render that step inadvisable. If homeowners can install heating and air conditioning systems that meet their needs without disrupting historical fixtures, they tend to choose to pursue those less disruptive options.

In some cases, maintaining a home’s designation as a historically-significant site means that homeowners are not allowed to make certain changes to the original floor plan or architectural design of a home. Some historical property owners may also find that in order to install a fully-functioning air conditioning system they must first upgrade existing electrical wiring in order to prevent overloads and potential fire hazards. Homeowners who are interested in modernizing their HVAC design are advised to consult a reliable HVAC company for more information.

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