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The #1 Ignored Benefit of Fleet Refinishing

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If you run a business, then you know that keeping up appearances is more than just vanity, it’s good business. You wouldn’t allow your offices or storefronts to fall into disrepair, with crumbling facades and dirty stained floors. No, you probably invest in regular janitorial services, while periodically investing in the renovation of your commercial spaces.

But while most business owners realize this, too many companies allow their commercial vehicle fleet to fall into disrepair. Especially if you live and work in the frozen Northeast, or work in an industry like construction, then your vehicles probably suffer double helpings of wear and tear. And when you send your fleet out into traffic — and worse, out to job sites — covered in dust, scratches, rust, and peeling paint, you’re giving the world a horrible impression of your business.

That’s why so many companies regularly hire commercial painters for fleet refinishing. In addition to painting and refinishing the exterior of your company’s vehicles, commercial painting contractors can provide the sandblasting you need to scour tanks clean or construction debris, rust, and everything else that builds up over the years.

You wouldn’t let you buildings fall into disrepair, you wouldn’t skip the janitorial service, and you wouldn’t skip regular mechanical checkups. But when you forgo a regular investment in fleet refinishing, you create a bad first impression wherever your fleet goes. From the moment they pull up to a job site, worn-out looking vehicles can make it appear that your workers lack professionalism.

In an era when branding is more important than ever, it’s never been more worthwhile to invest in commercial painting contractors skilled in sandblasting and fleet refinishing. Don’t you want a fleet your team will feel proud to be seen in? Plus, experienced commercial painters can place your company name, logo, or contact info on every vehicle you own, transforming each sleek vehicle into your fleet into a rolling, hauling, concrete pouring advertisement fo your business.

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