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How to Properly Clean Tavertine Tile

Best way to clean tile floors

With so many homes for sale on the market, home sellers are always on the lookout for ways to make their home stand out against the competition. A room consists of many pieces that form some coherent expression when guests enter; the floor is that piece which grounds them in the room. Familiarizing yourself with popular homebuyer trends can give yourself an advantage when considering home improvement projects to add value to your home.

Soft Surface Flooring
Carpeting accounts for up to 51% of the total American floor market, making it one of the most popular choices for homes. While carpets can convey a sense of comfort and style if cleaned regularly, dirty carpets can harbor dust, dirt, and allergens that make guests feel sick. Homeowners ought to have their carpets deep cleaned at least every year to year and a half. Studies have shown that homes can reduce the amount of mite allergens by 90% with each carpet cleaning. For bedrooms and living areas especially, nothing makes people feel more comfortable or invited than a nice, clean carpet or rug.

Hard Surface Flooring
Hardwood, laminate, and travertine tile are just some of the many hard surface flooring options available. Nearly 95% of consumers prefer hardwood for common living areas, with around 56% preferring hardwood for the bedrooms over carpet. While laminate and ceramic tiles are both natural hard surface flooring options, many clients are choosing travertine floor tiles for their durability, color variety, and outdoor applications. Regularly cleaning travertine tile floors with tile cleaning products can bring out the natural luster of the stone. Cleaning travertine tile properly often requires the use of a specialized travertine polishing kit or company. Damaged travertine tiles can be replaced within 30 minutes and may even come with a limited warranty. If regularly maintained, travertine tiles can last decades or even centuries! Tavertine tiles may be the best way to set yourself apart from the home selling competition.
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