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Homeowner’s Guide to Finding the Best Carpet

Carpet designs

When it comes to floor coverings, there’s no arguing the benefits of carpet installation. Carpets are durable, versatile, and can even help reduce the presents of allergens in your home. But with a variety of carpeting options, choosing the best option for you can be a difficult task. Here are a few quick tips to help homeowners pick the best carpet designs for their living space.

Carpeting Budget

Before you can start shopping for carpets, it’s best to set yourself a budget. This way, you will know which types of carpet you can afford. When creating a budget, don’t forget to add other extra costs, such as a carpet pad and installation fees.

Carpet Textures

Carpeting can be made out of different types of fibers, which create different kinds of carpet textures. When choosing a carpet style, think about the function of the carpet. Ask yourself what the carpet is for: style? Functionality? Comfort? This will help you narrow down your carpet decision. When it comes to fiber textures, there are a few types to choose from. Wool fibers are very durable, sustainable, and soft, but can be pricey. Nylon fibers are considered the most durable for constant foot traffic but is prone to stains, while polyester fibers are cheap and made of recycled plastics.

Carpet Density

The density of a carpet is measured by how close the fibers are to one another. A denser carpet is more durable, and is less likely to ‘crush’ beneath the weight of your feet. However, denser carpets are considerably less soft than those with less density. When choosing the density of your carpets, figure out a compromise between the carpet’s long-term quality, and it’s softness.

Carpet Maintenance

If you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to find the time to ensure your carpet is well maintained. This is especially true for homeowners with young children or pets, which can wear your carpet thin, or leave behind stains. Avoid carpets with extensive maintenance requirements unless you have the time and money to keep them clean. High traffic areas should opt for textured rugs, which need less cleaning and conceal footprints. Visit here for more information.

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