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The 3 Biggest FAQs About Travertine Pavers — Along With Their Answers

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If there’s one word that today’s home improvement professionals are saying more than any other, it’s travertine. This form of limestone, which is formed in hot springs and has been used for thousands of years, is known for its timeless, versatile appearance. Over recent years, travertine has made a comeback in a big way.

When one considers the benefits that a new travertine installation can bring to one’s home, it’s hardly surprising that more people than ever are looking to put travertine pavers in their homes.

Not sure if travertine pavers are the right choice for your next home improvement project? Find out more about this beautiful, elegant and versatile paver material by reading this list of the top three travertine FAQs:

Q: What colors does travertine come in?

A: One of the reasons why homeowners love travertine is because of the sheer variety of colors in which this stone comes. From white and tan to brown, cream and even gold, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be a shade of travertine that complements your home’s interior or exterior decor.

Q: Where can I install travertine in my home?

A: As stated before, humans have been using travertine to build and decorate their homes for millennia. You can use travertine as a flooring surface, as a counter-top material, as a patio paver or even as a wall cladding on your house’s exterior. The possibilities are virtually endless with travertine pavers and tiles.

Q: Is travertine durable?

A: When treated and maintained properly, travertine can last for many years and remain as beautiful as it did the first day you installed it. Be sure to have your travertine surface sealed to prevent against stains and abrasion, and clean your travertine regularly with gentle, non-acidic cleaning products.

Have even more questions about travertine tile installations for patio designs and retaining wall designs? Let us know in the comments below.

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