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3 Excellent Reasons to Go Green with Organic Lawn Services

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Americans spend approximately $700 million per year on lawncare treatments to eliminate weeds and keep their lawns looking green. But if they’re not using “green” or organic lawncare treatments, then they might be damaging their lawns more than helping them. In fact, some of these chemical treatments can be downright dangerous for humans and animals!

Why might organic lawn services be right for you? Here are three compelling reasons for you to go green.

    1. Pesticides can do more harm than good. Approximately 78 million pounds of pesticides are used on American lawns each year, and they can have devastating consequences on the environment. Not only do they kill 60 to 90% of earthworms, which are responsible for boosting soil quality, but those chemicals can also seep into groundwater and soil. Pesticides (and herbicides) are also less effective than some other treatments, like compost tea, which can produce average root lengths that are twice or even four times as long as those grown with conventional lawncare. Even “grasscycling,” or leaving grass clippings on the lawn after mowing, can cut the need for nitrogen-based fertilizers in half.

    2. Conventional lawncare treatments can pollute groundwater. As mentioned above, pesticides wind up in soil and later on groundwater, which can affect drinking water supplies. Pesticides and traces of pesticides have been discovered in groundwater in at least 43 states over the past 20 years, and because groundwater provides drinking water to half the nation, this can have devastating consequences on our health. Cancer, birth defects, reproductive effects, neurotoxicity, and damage to the liver, kidneys, and endocrine system can occur with exposure to pesticides in water.

    3. Organic lawncare treatments are safe for the whole family. Not only can pesticides do some serious damage to people if they contaminate drinking water, but even leaving them on the lawn can be harmful. If you’ve ever seen conventional lawncare applications, you know that they tend to come with warnings to stay off the lawn — especially for children and pets. With an organic lawn service, you won’t have to worry about these warnings. Pesticide free lawncare is safe for the whole family.

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