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Purified Drinking Water The Down Low on Your Home’s H2O

Iron laden water

Water is a basic need that’s easy to overlook. In it’s purest form it has a pH balance of 7, so it’s neither basic nor acidic (put that in the back of your head science nerds!) Americans use 346,000 million gallons of fresh water daily, so it’s
Many things get into water that affect its taste and sometimes its safety. Water filtration systems exist to purify water, to make it taste better, be safer, aand help the appliances that use water last longer. Hard water is tough on appliances, and consequently wears them out faster-48% faster in fact.

Well water is a common source of water, but it does come with its issues. Sulfur can get into your system, and while it isn’t dangerous, it does smell and taste like rotten eggs. It is also very corrosive, and damaging to pipes. Well water filtration systems can be installed to solve this problem. Other common issues with well water is iron and manganese. They give the water a strong metallic taste and cause orange-brown or black staining. Hard water is another common problem in well water- it tastes mineral like. It also has obvious signs as scale build up commonly develops in sinks, tubs, and other water fixtures. A water filter shower head can make sure you continue to have the perfect amount of water pressure for a shower. City water filtration systems can also be used to filter out excess chlorine, which makes your family healthier.

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems is one solution to both
country and city water issues. Originally developed and used in the military, it uses semi-permeable membranes with tiny pores to restrict the flow of natural minerals, bacteria, and other substances too large to fit through the pores. It’s effective at creating desalinized water and mineral free water. Before installing such a system, you should ask around and see what alternatives exist to make sure your needs are being completely met.

You should always have an independent test done on your water, so you know what your home’s needs are. Well water filtration systems mean your family is healthier, but your appliances like washing machines, shower heads, coffee pots, and hot water heaters last longer too. More than just a luxury item, water purification systems are necessary components to a functional household. After all, life is hard, but your water shouldn’t be.

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