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Solar Panels A Few Things You Should Know

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During a time of great environmental turmoil, rising energy prices, and economic recession, Americans across the country are looking for newer, better, and cleaner ways to consume energy. Because of this, solar power is soaring in popularity. Over the past four years, the solar power industry has increased by a formidable 53% and added 50,000 or so new jobs in the process. Solar panels themselves have gone down in price. From 2009 to 2013, for example, the average cost of a photovoltaic (PV) panel dropped by 80%, and as the industry expands and more Americans warm up to the idea of using sun-powered electricity, experts predict the prices will continue to go down.

Solar services are so popular, in fact, that according to Green Tech Media (GTM) the United States has one PV panel system installed within its borders every four minutes. The best solar installation services are those that give just what the customer wants: clean, efficient, and long-lasting electricity for their homes and businesses. Longevity is often a selling point on these panels, and many consumers are ecstatic to find out that panels on average last for about 30 years if not longer! It is perhaps for this reason why solar panels are flying off the shelves (at least relative to when solar power was just getting started).

The average solar installation job on a roof takes no more than seven days. For an initial investment and a week’s worth of your time, you and your family or business can enjoy constant, clean electricity for years — nay, decades. And on top of that, the fact that solar panels are wonderful for the environment lead many Americans to lead the way in solar power consumption.

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