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Patio Pavers What They Are, and What You Need to Know About Them

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Patios have long been a favorite of homeowners across the country to create an outdoor space perfect for relaxing in the sun. The word “patio” actually originates from Spanish, and is translated to “courtyard.” But until very recently, homeowners pretty much had one option available to them when determining what materials to use for their outdoor patios: poured concrete or asphalt.

These days, there is a huge variety of different materials available for patios, from natural stone to brick to pavers. While you’ve never heard of them, pavers can be one of the best choices for any patio design, thanks to their durability, cost-effectiveness and overall aesthetic value.

Not sure if patio pavers are the right choice to make when building your brand-new patio? Here are three fast facts that show just how well pavers perform as part of any patio design:

Pavers are versatile

Patio pavers come in a virtually endless variety of colors, textures and styles, making it easy to find a style that suits that of your home. There are even travertine pavers, which give a luxurious, timeless look to any outdoor surface. Pavers can be used for patios, front porches or even driveways.

Pavers are long-lasting

Another advantage of using pavers? They are incredibly durable and last for years after their initial installation. Because patio pavers aren’t one solid surface, they can move with the ground below them, making cracks and breaks minimal. They are also three times stronger than patios made with poured concrete, able to hold massive amounts of weight without being damaged.

Pavers are affordable

Because pavers are so durable, they are an extremely cost-efficient material to use for your new patio. Additionally, these surfaces require surprisingly little maintenance, and can withstand both hot and cold weather, meaning your repair costs will be virtually nonexistent. Pavers are an investment you can always afford to make.

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