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Bathroom Remodeling A Few Standards You Should Know About

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? A wise idea! Not only can you enjoy the amenities of your bathroom remodeling, but it may add value to your home. We’re going to consider some important bathroom remodeling standards and also look at the average cost to finish a bathroom and other factors too.

So what is the average cost to remodel a small full bathroom? Most homeowners spend between $6000 to $15,000 remodeling their bathrooms. Yet spending just a few thousand dollars may allow you to spruce up your bathroom. Ultimately, there is no one size fits all answer to the average cost to remodel bathroom with tile shower or other facilities.

It’s smart to consider modern standards when redoing a bathroom. Toilets should be at least 17 inches tall, for example. Showers that allow easy wheelchair access are a wise idea too. This may impact the average cost of shower renovation.

By making sure your bathroom meets modern standards after a remodel, you can increase both its value and usefulness. Ultimately, bathroom remodeling can make for a pretty big project.

It’s smart to find a bathroom remodeling contractor who understands modern standards and who will get the job done on time and under budget.

Handicapped bathrooms should have a doorway at least
36 inches wide to accommodate those with walkers and wheelchairs. That way, wheelchairs can turn from the hallway to the bathroom without trouble.For people living with disabilities, everyday tasks can be a challenging ordeal. Walking down the stairs, washing the dishes, and cleaning the laundry — things that most people take for granted — can be difficult. The physically-disabled need certain modifications to households in order to live a better life. A more comfortable one. That is why bathroom remodeling is very useful for the disabled. Of all the areas in a house, the bathroom has some of the most traffic and is typically not one of the larger rooms in a house. In order to make bathrooms more accessible, a few specifications should be kept in mind:


    • Bathroom remodel designs should be sure to include a sink with an open bottom. That way, a wheelchair user can use the sink without being blocked by drawers or pipes.


    • Faucets should be close to the edge to make for an easy grasp. Touch-operated faucets are even better.


    • Toilets should be at least 17 inches tall. It’s also recommended to have grip bars on the sides to assist a wheelchair-bound or otherwise physically-limited person in getting on and off the toilet. The bathroom, obviously, should also have enough room to fit a wheelchair in to make for a comfortable transfer.


    • Showers should be built with a curb-less roll-in feature to accommodate rolling in a wheelchair. The shower can also have a seat already fitted inside.


The physically-challenged are some of the most vulnerable members of any society. Without the help and protection from able-bodied people, they simply could not live well at all. Bathroom remodeling costs are more than reasonable for those in need of assistance.

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