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Three Things All First Time Renters Need to Know Before Moving In

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Moving in to your very first house for rent can be a little bit harrowing. After you’ve searched and searched through all the different homes for rent locally and finally found a place, you’ll need to prove you can pay the rent, make a deposit, and move in. Though it all sounds like a relatively simple process, it can be deceptively difficult. Here are a few tips to help make things easier.

Be Prepared to Fill Out a Rental Application and Pay a Small Fee.

The owners of many rental homes often ask that their potential tenants fill out rental applications and pay small fees, so when you think you’ve found a place, make sure you bring your checkbook, a pay stub to prove you have the income to afford the place, and a photo ID like your driver’s license or passport.

Read Through the Lease and Know What Deposits You Need to Pay For.

Before anyone commits to their desired rental homes, they need to read their lease first. It is, after all, a legally binding document. As you read, look to see if pets are allowed, and if so, whether you need to pay the deposit or pay pet rent; if there are restrictions on the number of roommates; what the maintenance process is; if you’re allowed to make any customizations, like paint a wall, for example; which utilities you’ll have to pay for; and what the consequences are of breaking the lease before the term is up.

Make Notes of Any Damage to the Rentals Homes Prior to Moving In.

Rental homes are often full of small to medium sized nicks and scratches. Many tenants are less than respectful, and don’t care if they damage the rental homes they live in. As you move in, make notes of any damages you see, as many landlords will not return their the safety deposits tenants paid when moving in to rental homes. It’s absolutely vital that you notify the landlord of the problems you see, and get them fixed quickly, especially with rent to own homes. It’s your right to live in a safe and habitable environment, after all, and with rent to own homes, it’ll be your problem to pay for someday.

If you have any questions about rental homes, feel free to ask in the comments.

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