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The Top Three Things You Didn’t Know About the Power Tool Industry

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Whether it was in the media or in real life, most folks have seen power tools at work. Auto body tools and supplies, for example, bring up a lot of fixed images in peoples’ minds when the term is used, but there is a lot that people don’t know about auto body shop tools. Here are three things you might not know about powered auto body repair tools:

1. The Tools Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Auto body repair tools might be expected to include a welding torch or wrenches by the layman, but they are by no means limited to hand tools! Many of the auto body tools for sale range in size and reach as far as five or six feet tall at the larger end of the scale. Just imagine: some power tools are taller than the average person! It just goes to show how careful one must be in the shop.

2. They Can Be Quite Costly

Because of how large these tools can get, however, they can become quite costly. A small catch of the typical handyman tools can be fairly cheap, or at least reasonable, but the huge amount of metal and intricate parts intrinsic to some auto repair tools mean that you had better bring your check book when you go to auto body tools sales. They can cost more than 10 thousand dollars at the high end of the spectrum!

3. The Industry is Fairly Stable

Despite the exorbitant costs of some tools, the industry shows no signs of stopping. The power tools industry employs over 10 thousand people and grew by about half a percent over the last five years. It shows no signs of stopping, but that just means there will continue to be quality tools and, by extension, quality work available for everyone. What do you think of these power tools? Read more blogs like this:

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