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Three Ways to Keep a Picket Fence Looking Great

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Picket fences will naturally make any landscape more aesthetically pleasing, but if left alone in the elements, they’ll get damaged and start to grow mold, algae, and mildew. After enough time, these wood fences will stop being an aesthetic addition, and start making the yard look unkempt at best, or downright unsightly at worst.

Like all things in life, picket fences need TLC, too. Here are a few ways homeowners can keep their picket fences looking sharp.

Pressure Wash.

Cleaning picket fences with a power washer is one of the most efficient ways to keep them in good shape. Homeowners can spray their fences down with a combination of one part ammonia and three parts hot water, or they can buy a specially formulated solution. Once cleaned, picket fences seem like they’re glowing because their color and vibrancy are no long dulled by dirt and stains.

Check For Damages.

Once cleaned, picket fences should be checked for damaged, particularly around their bottom parts. Because these areas are in contact with the ground, they’re more prone to damage. If homeowners spot any signs of damage or decay, they need to immediately clean and repair these areas before the rot sets in and spreads.

Paint It.

If the fences’ paint jobs are beginning to chip and wear away, homeowners should obviously apply a fresh coat to help the fences regain their vibrancy. If the color is lacking, a thin coat over the whole fence will help. If only spots are missing, then homeowners can spot treat these parts with a few quick retouches.

Although many modern fences are made with either plastic or metal, wood fencing is much more aesthetically pleasing. Without any maintenance though, these house fences will quickly become unappealing. With these tips, homeowners can keep their picket fences in great shape.

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