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Five Tips for Hiring a Reliable Window Contractor

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Although glass and window repair and replacement is a relatively easy process, doing it wrong can lead to many problems, like air leakage and loss of energy efficiency. Certain windows also come with an installation warranty, which may become void if the window is installed wrong, or not installed by a professional. But finding the right contractor can be difficult, especially if you haven’t worked with one before. Follow these tips to find the right company for you home window repair job.

  • Research Products Yourself – The trick to hiring a good contractor is to do your homework, and decide what window you want beforehand. Different contractors have different levels of expertise with different kind of windows, and you obviously want whoever will do the best work with the windows you want.
  • Get at Least Three Detailed Bids – The more detailed a bid, the better. A bid should include pricing, payment terms, products to be used, whether materials and labor are included, and start and finish dates.
  • Peruse the Fine Print – Read the warranty, because if there’s a problem with your windows or their installation a few years down the line, you want to make sure the broken window repair will still be covered. A standard window warranty is typically about ten years, and your contractor should offer a workmanship warranty of at least two years.
  • Verify References – You should check not only the contractor’s references, but the manufacturer’s as well. Ask the company how long they’ve been in business, ask to see photos of previous jobs, and for references of people who’ve had issues with the company, to see how the company handles broken window repair and stands by their work. Make sure the installers are trained by the factory, and just install windows, not toilets and kitchens as well.
  • Check the Contractor’s License – Before you start, you’ll want to know if your local jurisdiction requires a permit, or that the contractor be registered to complete the work. If the state does require licensing, request the license number and check to see if there are any current or past complaints against the company.

Broken window repair or cracked window repair are projects that you want a qualified professional to handle with care, as their completion will affect your family’s comfort and safety. your contractor should be very familiar with residential window repair and replacement, and be able to provide the best service possible. Helpful sites.

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