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The Best Time to Have Your Heater Inspected

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As you break out the flip-flops and pool noodles in preparation for another scorcher of a summer, your heater may be the furthest thing from your mind. But ironically enough, summer may be one of the very best times for homeowners to have their home heating systems inspected, evaluated, and repaired.

The “off-season” is a prime opportunity to have your heater assessed, since if it turns out you do need repairs, they can be done without depriving your family of an essential comfort — put another way, have your heater fixed before you actually need it to work. But repairs aren’t the only thing you can have done.

Efficient home heating solutions begin with efficient HVAC systems, and that includes everything in the system, from the heater to the ductwork to the vents and grates to the insulation to the very roof itself — if there are leaks at any point in the system, then even a top-of-the-line heater won’t help your energy bills that much. Sealing any cracks, leaks, holes, or gaps in the system will keep the air circulating to only the places you want, without losing any of its oomph along the way.

Summer is also a great time to consider installing renewable energy systems, since the construction phase will likely force your doors open for a while, even if it’s just from workers going in and out so often. And since summertime is so often vacation time, larger projects can be scheduled for when you’ll be out of the house completely, making it easier on everyone.

You wouldn’t wait until it rains to have your roof fixed, and you shouldn’t wait until the dead of winter to make sure your home heating solutions are up to snuff. Call your local home heating and cooling repair service today and schedule an inspection — so you can spend less of your summer worrying, and more of it basking in the sun. More on this topic.

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