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Bathroom Flooring Surprises?

Bathroom remodeling norfolk

Could your bathroom use a new floor? If you’ve been living in your house for a few years but like the look of your flooring, you might be surprised to see what’s lurking beneath the tile. And even if your floorboards and subfloor are just fine and dandy, you simply may want to update the look of your bathroom. Here are a few things to consider when considering bathroom flooring options, no matter why your considering them.

For Aesthetic Reasons. Your bathroom flooring ideas can play a big part in the overall visual impact of your bathroom. They can literally lay the groundwork for how your eye perceives the shades and coloration throughout the rest of the room. A dark color may give the impression of a taller space, while a lighter color will widen the space slightly. Textures will play a big part as well, though in a more expected way — a tighter pattern of grouted tile will make the space seems cozier than broad swaths of stone tiling, which will make the space seem larger.

For Structural Reasons. If you’ve noticed some water damage or warping, it may be time to review some bathroom remodeling ideas that have nothing to do with the visuals and everything to do with protecting your home from further damage. Not only can water damage wreak havoc on lower floors and structures, but mildew and mold can easily turn into a massive health risk for you and your family.

For Both Reasons. And hey, no reason why your remodeling checklist can’t include health improvements, structural fixes, and aesthetic upgrades, right? Often times, during a purely cosmetic renovation, structural problems can rear their ugly heads. Conversely, during a structural fix, you might decide that now is the perfect time to upgrade your bathroom’s look. And sometimes certain bathroom flooring options don’t occur to you until halfway through the project.

No matter what the initial purpose of your project, and no matter what room it’s in, the key to keeping your sanity is to stay flexible. Even if you built your house with your own two hands a few decades ago, you simply don’t know what you’ll find under the flooring until you pull it up and see for yourself. Just be ready for anything, and you’ll get the job done. Helpful links. More can be found here.

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