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Three Ways to Reduce Your Cooling Costs This Summer

Ac unit replacement

Every year, Americans spend a large percentage of their energy bill on heating and cooling. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, these costs consume more than half of each’s months energy output for the average home in the U.S.
For this reason, it is imperative that you find ways to reduce your cooling costs this summer. With the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicting a hot and sticky few months, residential AC units will be working overtime, potentially raising the cost of cooling for many homes.
Here are few ways you can help reduce your energy bills this season.

  1. Open Vents. Many homeowners believe that by closing the vents in a room that does not need cooling, they will be saving energy, as the air will not be wasted on an unnecessary space. But some air conditioning repair experts say that this is is not true. If you close your vents, your unit will have to work harder to reach its set cooling temperature, because the airflow will not be evenly spread throughout the house. By doing an inspection of each vent in your house and opening them, you could be saving yourself money.
  2. Replace Filters. Air filters in an AC unit can become clogged easily. These filters are responsible for stopping dust and other debris from entering your home as the AC unit cools the air. AC experts suggest that you invest in AC air filter replacement every few months to ensure that the cleanest air is circulating throughout your home. With a dirty filter, your unit will be running without providing your house with good air quality, which is a waste of energy.
  3. Replace Your AC Unit. It may seem extreme, but you may have to invest in complete home AC replacement if your AC unit is more than 20 years old. Even though AC installation costs are expensive, you will be saving yourself money in the long run with a newer unit, as these are often much more energy-efficient than they were a couple of decades ago.

If opening your vents, cleaning your AC unit’s air filter, and having your unit checked regularly by AC technicians does not help, you may just have to swallow new AC installation costs. It’s not the ideal situation, but it could be the solution to your high energy bills. Get more on this here:

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