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Three Helpful Types of Fencing

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Fences, which are freestanding structures that restrict movement, have been used for centuries. In fact, wrought iron gates were commonly used in Westminster Abbey in London during the 13th century. Fences add value, privacy, and security to homes and buildings, which makes them beneficial to install. Fortunately, there are many types of fences available, so it is possible to find the right one for your needs.

1. Wrought iron fences and gates. Wrought iron is a common fencing material because it is highly decorative and elegant. In fact, wrought iron is generally referred to as ornamental iron because it has a grainy appearance that sets it apart from all other metals, which is why the Eiffel Tower is made of wrought iron. As a result, wrought iron fence installation will give your home or building a more distinct and sophisticated appearance.

2. Chain link fences. This type of fencing has been produced since 1844, and it was first inspired by the textile industry. Chain link fencing is typically made of galvanized steel wire, and its woven appearance makes it transparent, meaning it will not obstruct any views. Additionally, this type of custom metal fencing can be constructed to nearly any height, which makes it practical to use for security purposes.

3. Wood fences. Wooden fencing is a more traditional option because it provides a classic look. Wooden fences can last for extended periods of time when they are properly maintained, and they can be easily customized by simply painting or staining them. However, these types of custom fences should always be installed by a custom fence company in order to improve their durability and permanence.

Fences have been used for centuries, and for good reason, too. There are many types of fences to choose from, such as chain link, wood, and wrought iron fences and gates, and each option provides its own unique benefits. By choosing the type of fencing that is right for you, you will add security, privacy, and value to your home or building. More on this.

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