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Two Home Additions For More Livable and Enjoyable Outdoor Spaces

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As the weather turns from cold winter to hot summer, many people quickly realize the disadvantages the summer heat brings, as much as it is enjoyable: the sun’s rays, and bugs (and more bugs!). It can sometimes be difficult to enjoy the outdoors as much as we like because of these two factors. As soon as shadows get long and the air starts to cool, the insects rise up, ready to attack. How can you enjoy the outdoors without being constantly pink, or covered with red bumps? Here are two additions that might be perfect for your home.

1. Outdoor Gazebos

  • Gazebos are a timeless addition to outdoor spaces, and come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors. At most basic, your gazebo can either be open air, screened, or windowed so that bugs and debris keep at bay.
  • You can choose from either wooden or metal gazebos (which are “roofed” with a heavy-duty cloth). Both are fairly long-lasting. A metal gazebo will be able to keep away the sun, but is less likely to have a fully-functional netting solution.
  • Garden gazebos can come already constructed with benches, or you can add seating yourself so that friends can come over and enjoy a drink as the sun sets. Interesting lighting options are available for gazebo roofs.
  • A decent wood gazebo can cost around $3,000 though this number varies widely depending on preferred design, wood type, size, etc.

2. Screened Porches

  • Screened porches are often added to homes after the original home structure is completed. Homeowners often realize that, while their outdoor porch or patio was fun, it had disadvantages as well. Porches can help shield residents from light, bugs and dirt while still giving them a taste of the outdoors.
  • Since a screened porch is more integrated as a part of the home, it’s often easier to keep furniture there, as well as serve drinks and food.
  • Screened porches can be built to have deep ledges, giving space for relaxing occupants to set down a drink, whether it’s lemonades or lattes.
  • This project typically costs about $15,000 to $20,000, that is, if you want to completely build a new porch. Screening or working with an existing porch will not be so pricey. Price will also depend on size, add-ons, and local going rates for labor and materials.

Would you be interested in adding backyard gazebos or screened porches to your home? Let us know in the comments. Learn more.

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