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First Time Home Buying Tips

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Your real estate agent can talk you through the specifics, and you can rely on the advice of family and friends who have gone through it before, but let’s face it — buying your first home is a big deal. If you feel nervous, apprehensive, unsure, or even just plain scared, you’re not alone. The process is complicated and time-consuming, and any mistake can end up costing you some serious money.

While we can’t make the process completely worry-free, we can offer you some helpful first time home buying tips to help you avoid some of the more costly mistakes on your path to home ownership.

Location, Location, Location. Find a neighborhood you love and see what houses are for sale in the area, rather than finding a house you love and deciding to make due with the neighborhood. A house can be upgraded and renovated — neighborhoods are not so easily changed.

The Serenity to Accept the Things You Cannot Change… Once you’ve found your neighborhood and have compiled a list of houses within it, remember to focus on the more immutable aspects of a house, like square footage, room layout, and lot size. Don’t dwell on bad paint jobs, less-than-ideal wallpaper, or anything else you can change with a weekend of work.

That New House Smell. If an established neighborhood isn’t high up on your must-have list, then you might want to consider new construction homes. Many new home buyers think building a home is overall more expensive than buying a resale home, but considering that you’ll be getting the home of your dreams right from the start, with no work needed after you move in, the costs of both can be surprisingly similar.

If you’ve been through the process, please feel free to share your favorite first time home buying tips in the comments section below. And happy house hunting to all! Read this website for more information.

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