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What to Do When You Need to Have Landscaping Work Done

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If you are looking for an easy-to-follow guide for various landscape material and plant options in your area, your local home garden center might be a great place to start. These local experts know the area, what landscape materials are best, what plants do well in the area, and what specific things you should be considering. They can help you create a landscape that fits your unique wants and needs.


Whether you are looking for a simple yet elegant front yard design or you want a custom backyard landscaping look, they can point you in the right direction. Getting the best products and services at the best possible price is easy when you work with the pros.

Finding a landscaper to design your landscape may be as easy as visiting the local garden center to ask for a local recommendation. You can search business listings and online resources to get valuable information. And you can use your smartphone to search for something along the lines of ‘find someone to design my landscaping for me.’ However you get started, your local lawn and garden pros will be a valuable resource.


Without good landscape ideas, a commercial or residential lawn will not look as good as it potentially could. Importantly, one of the most important of all landscape design ideas involves trees. Trees must be put in the right place to make sure roots don’t damage septic systems and branches don’t fall on the property.

One of the biggest threats to a tree is the emerald ash borer. Fortunately, many small backyard landscaping firms offer things like emerald ash borer treatments. The emerald ash borer, also known as the agrilius planipennis, is a green beetle native to Asia and Eastern Russia, and it has destroyed tens of millions of ash trees.

Interestingly enough, ash trees are a big part of many landscape ideas. Ash trees are widespread in the United States, and all 16 native ash species are susceptible to attack from the EAB. With that said, most long-distance movement of EAB has been directly traced to ash firewood or ash nursery stock.

At the end of the day, good landscaping makes a huge difference. Being able to control things like the emerald ash borer is exceptionally important, as without an effective treatment, trees can become ruined and potentially ruin a lawn or crush a building.


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