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A Look at Ash Tree Disease

Ash tree borer treatment

Ash trees are a wonderful addition to any yard or landscape design ideas. It is a relative of the olive tree, and is a strong tree that can grow to large proportions. One interesting fact about these trees is that its wood is often used to make baseball bats.
Let us take a look at ash tree diseases and how it can affect your yard or small backyard landscaping. Ash tree diseases can kill or destroy your lovely trees that you have spent so much time tending.
Ash tree disease can destroy your carefully designed landscaping. Ash trees are particularly susceptible to an ash tree disease caused by the emerald ash borer. The emerald ash borer beetle has destroyed tens of millions of ash trees. This beetle is thought to have arrived in the United States on solid wood packing material carried in cargo ships or airplanes from its native Asia.
These beetles can procreate at a rapid pace, with each female laying 60 to 90 eggs in their lifetime with the eggs typically hatching in seven to 10 days.
To curb the spread of the borer beetle, it is advised to purchase or cut firewood from the same general location where you plan to use it.
Another ash tree disease is anthracnose, which results in defoliation, twig death and shoot die back. This ash tree disease is often misdiagnosed as frost damage
Ash yellows is another ash tree disease mainly attaches green and white ash trees and is characterized by a loss of vigor in the tree. Leaves will develop early fall colors and may lose its leaves. This ash tree disease will also cause cankers on the tree as well as dieback
If you suspect that you have any ash tree disease or need emerald ash borer treatment, you should consult with an experienced tree expert for treatment. You can also have one of these experts discuss the best prevention plans to eliminate the risk of ash tree disease in order to keep your trees as healthy as possible. Tree specialists can also prune and fertilize your trees to keep them as healthy as possible. Pruning is especially helpful because it will not only improve the look of your trees, but it can increase the life span of your plants.

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