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An Interview with Barbara Boys of Borsello Landscaping

For over a decade, Borsello Landscaping has provided high-quality lawn and landscaping services to homes in the tri-state area of Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. We sat down with Barbara Boys, a sales and lead generator at Borsello, to talk a bit about her personal history and what it’s like to advance in the cultivation industry.

Ms. Boys, how did you end up professionally involved in the landscaping business?

I wanted to change careers into a lifelong dream of horticulture. Once I finished some supplemental education, I pursued a position with a landscape design company. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in landscape, horticulture and design. I’m also a New Castle County Master Gardener.

Very impressive! What would you say is the hardest part about thriving in your particular line of work?

This business is a captive of the weather, the economy and client affordability. Rain and cold weather are particularly frustrating. That being said, it is essential for us to highlight our quality and service while reinforcing that improving a home’s landscape not only improves the client’s property value, but is also a key factor in promoting environmental sustainability, if done the right way. This is an important purchase for the homeowner in many ways.

Absolutely, and it sounds like you’re always keeping an eye out for new business. What kinds of clients does Borsello tend to attract?

There is no “typical” client. It’s always disappointing when clients seem interested then change their minds, but it’s also very rewarding to be the ones to help our clients and witness their satisfaction with our work. Customer service is always number one, and communication is a close second.

Borsello Landscaping is located at 720 Yorklyn Road, Suite 5 in Hockessin, DE. For more information, you can visit them online at or call (302)472-2600.

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