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The 4 Steps for Installing Your Own Customized Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutter parts

Focusing on the windows is a great way to upgrade both the interior and exterior of your home. While there are several different treatments to choose from, plantation shutters offer one of the best combinations of functionality and upgraded aesthetics, particularly inside. So learning how to install plantation shutters can be beneficial for homeowners looking to improve their overall design.

1. Make the Proper Measurements

The first, and perhaps most important, step for installing plastic or wooden plantation shutters is measuring the window and surrounding area. Though some blinds and shutters might be built to a specific size, they can often be customized to fit even the most awkward window sizes. However, a custom cut is impossible without the right measurements. When you start, measure across the top, bottom, and middle of the window, and use the largest width. Then, measure from the top of the window molding to the top of the windowsill for height.

2. Install Mounts

Without properly fitted mounts, even the most accurately measured and cut shutters will fail to fit and function correctly. So taking the time to attach either and inside or outside mount, depending on your preference, is a smart second step for how to install plantation shutters. Remove the shutters and drill a pilot hole to ensure proper placement and possibly use a wooden shim to keep everything square. It is always important to take your time and make sure that mounts are secured in their proper place.

3. Attach Shutters

After making sure mounts are secure, re-position the shutters themselves and begin screwing them into place with a drill. This step might be one of the most simplistic, but accuracy is highly important. One ill-positioned screw could throw off the balance of the entire shutter, so being methodical is always smart. Stay alert to make sure everything is square and make quick adjustments throughout rather than have to start the whole process over.

4. Fine Tune

Tweaking and adding the finishing touches is always an important part of installing shutters or any other item in your home. If you plan on using screw covers, decorative knobs, of touching up little paint chips that happened during installation, this is the time to do so. It can be tempting to leave right away after you are happy with the positioning of the shutters, but little details are important for the best look.

It might take some time to find out how to install plantation shutters and actually do the work, but completing that kind of project on you’re own can be quite worthwhile. Not only is it rewarding for the sense of accomplishment, but it is a great way to upgrade your home without having to pay hefty fees for contractors.

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