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A Chat With Russ Palmer of Palmer Heating and Cooling

With the cold winter months fast approaching, many homeowners will need to find professional help to make sure that their heating systems are working properly. Russ Palmer, who owns and operates Palmer Heating and Cooling in Maryland, works with clients to make sure they are ready for that time of year. We sat down and talked with him about his experience in the industry.

Mr. Palmer, what would you say is the best part about working in this industry?

When I see the smile on the client’s face after I fix the AC or heat.

That has to be a nice feeling! What’s the best part about working for your own company in particular?

Being the owner and making the decision that is best for the client.

Certainly seems rewarding. There are some bumps along the way that you run into though, right?

Yes, working in the attic when the temperature is over 120 degrees!

Has to be pretty tough during the summer months! Any interesting stories from projects you have worked on?

I was once working in a customer attic and got attacked by a raccoon.

Wow, that’s wild! Any other challenges that come from sources other than pesky critters?

Other HVAC companies that offer poor service and high prices.

Palmer Heating and Cooling is based in Edgewater, Maryland. To learn more, give them a call at 301-440-6069 or visit

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