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Hidden Dangers in the Air You Breathe

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Home should be a place of refuge and relaxation, a safe haven from the outside world. Unfortunately, sometimes staying indoors can be just as hard on your lungs as going outside. Maybe even harder.

Dust, dirt, and bacteria can collect in your carpets, no matter how many times you run the vacuum. Every time you walk across your floor, you send these particulates up into the air, to find new homes in your mouth, nostrils, and lungs. Our bodies have numerous safeguards and filters for airborne debris, but a continued onslaught is bound to break through at some point. Regular, professional deep steam cleanings and sterilizations are the best ways to improve the overall health and safety of your carpets.

But be careful, too, hardwood floor owners. Your beautiful wooden surfaces can house a host of harmful particles as well. An improperly sealed floor can allow bacteria and dirt to collect in the porous surface of the wood. And any gap in the seams and joints can serve as a wonderful home for dust and mold, especially if the gaps were caused by humidity fluctuations. Always have your floors professionally sealed and treated, and sweep and vacuum them regularly to maintain a perimeter of defense against mites, bacteria, and general grossness. Many professional carpet cleaning companies offer hardwood services as well.

But of course, all the cleanings, steamings, and sealants in the world will not protect you if your vents and ducts are full of mold and dust. Internal air duct cleaning is essential to a clean, breathable home. While there are a number of DIY options for cleaning your ducts, A thorough, professional internal air duct cleaning will not only keep your vents and ducts clean, but also your blowers, humidifier, evaporator coils… Every component of your HVAC system will be clean and clear so that you and your family can breathe easily.

Clean air is important to everyone. Regularly scheduled carpet, hardwood, and internal air duct cleaning can give you the peace of mind to truly enjoy your time at home, and not worry over what might be floating invisible in the air around you. See more.

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