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The Basics on Door Choices

Exterior front door

Did you know that the earliest records of doors are represented on Egyptian tomb paintings? A 5,000 year old door has also been found in Switzerland. The Ancient Egyptians did not need to frame their doors since the dry region presented little opportunity for door warping, but most places find frames necessary. It is difficult to think of dwellings existing without doors. Are you looking for new doors for your home? There are many more options now than there were in the time of ancient Egypt.

There are multiple types of entry doors you can get, for example. A barn door is usually used for barns, or places that need large doors for utilities.

French doors have a frame that encases transparent or translucent tiles. Pairs have no central mullion, which allows it to have a wider opening. French patio doors are popular options for people with patios, especially since it allows more light into kitchens and other areas that connect to the outside patio. Interior french doors are less common since the point of an interior door is often to allow privacy, but they can be found leading to rooms that require less visual privacy, such as studies.

Hurricane doors are popular entry doors for people who live in Southern states and other places where hurricanes are likely to hit. These doors can resist high winds, which helps prevent them from being blown into the house and causing structural damage.

A louvred door has movable wooden pins that allow the door to move back and forth rather than swinging, allowing ventilation, ensuring privacy and preventing light passage. These doors are usually interior rather than entry doors since they are not very strong and are more to control environment rather than prevent people from coming or going.
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