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Commercial Lavatory Rules and Regulations

Commercial lavatory sinks

Commercial lavatories built to meet certain state requirements are the type of restrooms that the public uses. Businesses must meet these requirements, such as installing the right type of commercial lavatory sinks. One reason for these rules is sanitation. Commercial restaurants need to be sanitary for public health reasons. Every commercial laboratory has to be kept clean and sanitary.

Another set of rules and regulations has to do with the commercial lavatory being wheelchair accessible. Americans with disabilities are supposed to have easy access to every commercial lavatory in public buildings today. Disabled Americans gained this right under the American Disabilities Act. That means that certain counter top heights requirements apply as well. Rules and regulations govern the placement of posts and ads in the commercial lavatory too.

Certain state rules also stipulate the toilet choices for a commercial bathroom for men. Every commercial lavatory has to have a set number of sinks and trash cans according to the number of patrons the commercial business services. Anyone responsible for building public bathrooms can find out about all the other rules and regulations governing commercial bathrooms today.
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