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How to find good basement waterproofing NJ

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If you are looking for a basement waterproofing and mold remediation new jersey company, you should remember that waterproofing and mold removal is one of the hardest house repair jobs. As such, many homeowners end up living with the problem for years. Many of them have tried several basement waterproofing and mold removal NJ company and still have to live with the problem once the rainy season comes. In fact, for many homeowner the warranty provided by their basement waterproofing NJ contractor means seeing the contractor again next year when rain comes. The problem therefore becomes a perpetual one, a seemingly endless leaking or flooding that comes with the season. It is therefore important to find the right basement waterproofing NJ contractor so that the problem will be solved once and for all. So how can you make sure that the basement waterproofing NJ contractor can really solve your basement leak and mold problem? Here are some things you should consider so you can find the right basement waterproofing NJ contractor.

The first thing that you should consider is how long the basement waterproofing NJ contractor has been in the business. Their years in business make a lot of difference in the quality of work they provide. This is because most of the basement waterproofing NJ contractors offers lifetime warranty. If the contractor fails to provide satisfactory service, then over the years they will have more and more warranty jobs. This would mean free jobs. They will then have to spend so much on these free jobs. They will fail to make profit and will have to eventually shut down. In fact this is one of the reasons why many waterproofing NJ contractors close after just a few years in operation. On the other hand, if the waterproofing NJ contractor has been in the business for years, such as five years or more, then it shows that they are able to survive because they do not spend so much on overhead from warranty jobs.

Second, you have to remember that warranty is not the same as guarantee. This is because with a warranty, there is no chance of getting your money back. It only means that the basement waterproofing NJ contractor will come back to do the repair again if their previous work did not solve the problem or if the leak recurs. If they come back again and again, you may decide to hire another contractor. So the money you spent on the previous contractor is wasted. Thus, make sure that the contractor you hire can really solve the problem once your basement leaks again, which generally happens after several years. Do some research, read testimonials and ratings. Check out the basement waterproofing NJ company with the Better Business Bureau so you can see your chances of getting the real value of the warranty.

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